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Axel: Adventures of the Spacekids

Released in 2017

An Earther who is left behind on Planet Kepler develops a powerful machine, which can bring him back to the Earth。

However, to active the system he has to collect all the energy of Kepler which will lead to its destruction.

Three brave Kepler teenagers Axel, Jono and Gaga take on a journey to protect their homeland, only to find themselves stepping into a great conspiracy。

With the identity of the mysterious Earther being revealed, the unknown history of the planet comes to the surface。

Axel: The Biggest Little Hero

Released in 2013, it has been the first 3D animation film in China which is created with a combination of CG and self-developed 

miniature 3D filming technology. This film stands out in the international market, winning various awards including 

International 3D Film Technology Association Outstanding Achievement Award, and the Magnolia Best Animation Feature 

Film Golden Award. By now it has been distributed to over 20 countries and regions.


Lucas, a skinny, timid yet smart 13-year-old boy who plans to spend his summer holiday playing video games is forced to 

research garbage floating on the sea by his mom. During their sea trip, his game machine accidently falls into the sea. 

Trying to save the machine, Lucas dives into the sea and is taken into a world where garbage has life by a mysterious vortex。

Tunnel Warfare: Little Heroes

A film dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War victory

Winning the Chinese TV Star Award for TV Animation Part

Animation TV Series

Animation series Secret Ycovers a wide range of science topics, helping nurture kids’ natural curiosity about the world。

It stars the three characters in our feature film: Axel, Jono and Gaga。 Stories are told in a way that children find fascinating。

By offering high-quality content of  Q&As, this series can be regarded as a video version of Hundred Thousand Whys.

It performs as perfect formulas for children’s learning.

Live Action Filming
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