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Founded in 1993, Versatile has been one of the leaders in commercial production, with industry-leading experiences and capabilities in original creative planning, filming, post-production, VFX and production technique enhancement。 It has produced numerous successful TVCs that greatly strike the audiences and impress the clients, winning almost all awards in advertisement industry including the Golden Great Wall Media Awards, Longxi Awards, Times Asia-Pacific Awards and etc, being widely acknowledged as one of the TOP5 in Chinese commercial production field。

The name Versatile Media was adopted in 2010。 Since then it has been devoted to providing world-class content in various categories including animation feature films and TV series, live-action dramas and movies, original audio stories and programs, and etc。 It offers only high-quality works and embraces diligent, innovative and aspiring minds, which help build up its trusted brand and lay solid foundation for continuous growth。 By now Versatile business encompasses three parts: film, TV series & 3D animation;mobile Internet entertainment centering on Huhu radio, an app that provides a variety of original audio stories for children;One-stop advertising service that covers brand strategic planning, creative TVC designing, filming, post-production and placing the TVC on the right platform。

Corporate Culture
Infrastructure Support

Committed to crafting spectacular visual experiences, Versatile bases its center in Hangzhou with a building of7200m², which includes the biggest digital studio in Southern China of 2400m², 13 industry-leading post-production infrastructure divisions which equip with award winning, third-party software including SMOKE2K, FLAME2K, LUSTRE color grading and correction system, and our own R&D center, empowering our artists to create stunning visual effects and enabling multiple projects with thousands of shots to be simultaneously completed with the highest quality. Besides, we have our overseas marketing branch in Germany and voice-over translation basement in Haining.

The biggest digital studio in the Southeast China with a total area of 2400m². Height 12.5m, length 60m, and width 40m.
Achievements belong to the past, but our eyes are fixed on the future.
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